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Mediterranean Skippers Club was  established  20.12.2000. year in Belgrade. Our head office is in Belgrade and branch office is in Bar.

Very few of us whished to give our energy in order to promote sailing in Serbia and Montenegro. This sport was not popular in our country, so we took some kind of missionary work. The main problem was equipment, boats. After only few years MSC become the most popular sailing club and now the future of sailing in Serbia and Montenegro doesn’t look so bad.



Geographical situation: description of the place. Weather conditions, etc...

MSC head office is located in Belgrade. Belgrade has two rivers an lake. Theory classes are organized in Belgrade and practical in Bar.


Serbia and Montenegro





Total Area

39,517.56 sq mi
102,350.00 sq km


10,677,290 (July 2001 est.)


1 Yugoslav New Dinar (YD) = 100 paras

GDP (per capita)

$2,300 (2000 est.)


machine building (aircraft, trucks, and automobiles; tanks and weapons; electrical equipment; agricultural machinery); metallurgy (steel, aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, chromium, antimony, bismuth, cadmium); mining (coal, bauxite, nonferrous ore, iron ore, limestone); consumer goods (textiles, footwear, foodstuffs, appliances); electronics, petroleum products, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals


cereals, fruits, vegetables, tobacco, olives; cattle, sheep, goats

Serbia and Montenegro


MSC branch office is in Bar in Montenegro, so here are the data about Montenegro



13 812 km2

Largest city and capital:


Population (estimate mid 1998):

650 575

Geographic extreme points


43° 32’ SGS
18° 58’ IGD


41° 52’ SGS
19° 22’ IGD


42° 53’ SGS
20° 21’ IGD


293,5 km

Land borders:

614 km

With Croatia:

14 km

With Bosnia i Herzegovina

225 km

With Serbia:

203 km

With Albania:

172 km

Longest beach:

Velika plaza(Long Beach)Ulcinj-13,000m

Highest peak:

Bobotov kuk(Mt.  Durmitor)-2.522 m

Largest lake:

Lake Skadar - 391 km2

Deepest canyon:

The Tara River - 1.300 m

Largest bay:

Boka Kotorska(The Bay of Kotor)

National parks:

- Durmitor - 39.000 ha
- Lovcen - 6.400 ha
- Biogradska gora - 5.400 ha
- Lake Skadar - 40.000 ha

World heritage under the UNESCO protection:

- Mt. Durmitor with the Tara canyon
- Kotor and Perast - the old City

Presentation of all activities

- Sailing school

o competent crew course (theoretical 30 classes and practical 7 days sailing)

o watch leader (theoretical 60 classes and practical 7 days sailing, participation on 2 domestic regattas)

o coastal skipper (theoretical 100 classes and practical 15 days sailing, participation on 5 domestic regattas)

o offshore skipper (theoretical 130 classes and practical 21 days sailing, participation on 5 domestic and 2 international regattas or1000Nm)

Sailing school subjects:

- Meteorology

- Navigation



- Boat engines and boat electrics

- Signalization at the sea

- Sailors skills

- First aid at the sea

- Charter fleet

o 6 sailing boats

o 2 motor cruisers

We organize domestic and Mediterranean cruising.

The hardest part of all sailing clubs is equipment. Our country is not investing in this kind of sport, so we made contracts with sailing boats owners in order to have good charter offer. Our plan for the future time is to make our charter fleet.

- Racing team

o Elan 43 racer cruiser

o Dehler 34 racer cruiser (MSC ownership)

Our racing team took part in few international and all domestic regattas.  Every year the best students from MSC sailing school are participating on this regattas.

We have very good relations with Lega Navale Italiana. In cooperation with them we made a documentary movie about regatta Brindisi-Corfu.

On every regatta a TV crew from different TV stations  is with our  racing team to make the reports.

This year as result of successful work, we are one of organizers Otranto-Budva International Trans-Adriatic Regatta.

Brindisi-Corfu regatta

- Sailing Marketing

o MSC started this kind of advertising  in our country. That way we are trying to raze money for school activities and participation on international regattas. We believe that this activities make sailing more attractive for companies.

- Maintenance and repairing capacities

o Our branch office in Bar –Montenegro has maintenance and repairing capacities during all year.

- Nautical equipment sale

o The plan for this year is to became distributors for nautical equipment. It is important to emphasize that in our market which can be estimated as very promising one, there is no representative of the marine equipment products, and this is the right time for all interested parts to find place and start business in this market together with us.

Public addressed

- Sailing school on National television in order to promote sailing in our country and MSC sailing school

- Reportages from all regattas where MSC racing team was participated

- Billboard campaign

- Presentation of MSC and sailing on different TV stations

- Catalogues

- Internet presentation (www.msc.rs )

- Presentation on CD

- Promotional material (t-shirts, flags…)

- Flyers

Main preoccupation in regards to teaching and main difficulties met.

- MSC Sailing club is the only club in Serbia and Montenegro which basic activities are sailing, racing and education, and the biggest representative of this sport .

- Our main activity is sailing school. We would like to achieve popularization of sailing sport in Serbia and Montenegro.

- The MSC didn’t get any donation from the government, we had to find donations for this actions. Serbia and Montenegro is developing country and sailing promotion is very important.

- The main problem is that sailing is considered as very expensive sport and people standard of living is low. Today the economic situation in our country is in progress so we hope that very soon sailing will be popular and in next years we will have more and more students in our school.

Major qualities of your school, why it works well, etc...

- The main cause of our success in past years is our love for sailing and a lot of positive energy. We prove that we can do a lot with very low budget.

- Because of that we started sailing education as base for develop of sailing in our country. In that way we will promote sailing to youth and all the others see-lovers.



Best regards,

MSC Yachting Club Belgrade

Maritime Training Center

Nusiceva 6/1 st. Belgrade Serbia